Saturday, April 26, 2008

April "showers"

Well, the snow arrived, as you see our birdhouse is covered! The snow fell softly all night, and we saw a significant amount, even before we headed off to bed.

We took a picture of this large bird that flew in to shelter itself from the snow by our garage. At first we thought it might be an owl, but after more thought, and seeing it fly, we think it might have been a hawk because of it's coloring, and the speed at which if flew. We never got a good look at it's front.
So this morning, we got up, had breakfast, read a story,

and took out the old snow pants, snow boots, hats, coats, mittens, and scarves, and went to play outside.

We trudged though the snow, very slowly. The snow was too powdery to make a snowman, as Silje was hoping to do. We did have a fun time throwing snowballs, and taking a small sled ride.

Although the snow was knee deep for even Knut, I tried to pull the kids down to the barn with Knut, as he needed to get some corn for our corn stove, and check on the horses. However, after we left the shelter of the house, it got a little to difficult, and the kids and I turned back.

Knut said that there was about a 5 foot snow drift preventing the horses from getting in the barn, so he kinda kicked through it to let them in, and then had to run out of the way as he was nearly trampled as they came charging in out of the snow!
We thought it might be fun to try to climb the steps of our front porch.

However, the snow got too deep, and only Silje and I made it to the top.

Well, even Knut's pickup can't make it out of our driveway, and since the snow plow doesn't come to rural areas and plow our long gravel driveways for us, we usually have a plow attached to our tractor. However, the tractor is hooked up to planting equipment now, not snow plows, as a little bit has already been planted. So it appears that we might just be snowed in for a little while, until it warms up enough for Knut to get he truck through, or when Knut's dad can get out of his house, and bring over his smaller snow plow. Knut said that we might have to plan of family church tomorrow, with our own little family. I'm not upset about the snow anymore. The whole thing is so ridiculously funny, that I just keep smiling to myself when I look outside. We had a fun morning!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Silje saw David singing the ABC song on the computer today from the post a few weeks back. She wanted her own song on here.

Very confused

Well, I'm a little confused today. You see, on my last post, we were cleaning up the winter mess on our lawn, and David was wearing a t-shirt even without a sweater. Well, that was tuesday, and this is friday, which means we have more snow on the way. As my picture shows, there is our white barn, lost a little in the snowfall, and bunches of tulips coming up in the garden there. We are supposed to get 4 inches by midnight, and 8-12 more inches overnight. I hope the weatherman is wrong, but so far, I'd say 4 inches will easily come by midnight. Well, next week is May...hopefully that will bring warmer weather... unless the song from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers is right when they sing: "April showers will come, so they say...but they don't, and it's May."

Sorry, this isn't a weather blog, it's a family blog. I'll try to do better next time ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lots of helpers!

Well, spring finally arrived, and we were busy this last weekend cleaning up the yard before Knut starts planting. Richard and Linda haven't moved their things out of the summer kitchen yet, and we found a child sized wheelbarrow in there for the kids to help use. Silje took about 4 trips of leaves to our new compost pile, but then decided to play hopscotch. David took over responsibility of the wheelbarrow, and took his job very seriously.

We got most of our park of a lawn clean free of leftover leaves, sticks, etc. It's been so much fun to actually play outside everyday. Today is supposed to be in the 60s again, and we are very ready for it! The tulips are coming up so fast! Silje always checks them first when she goes inside, and is always excited about their daily growth.
Potty training with David has started again. I figured since he brings me a clean diaper and says "Mommy, my diaper is wet, please change it" and lays down without being asked, and shows off his knowledge by telling me which is the right and left side of his diaper, he just might be ready for potty training ;)

Here is David helping Knut load up our corn stove after church. He likes to show off his muscles!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just a's April

It is April, right? A few days ago we got dumped on with snow. I would guess we had at least 4-6" at our house. One of my friends posted on her blog that she got stuck in her driveway, because she refuses to shovel snow in APRIL!!! Amen, sister! Here are some pictures of our white April:

The snow was gone in about 2 days of warm weather following, but another storm is headed our way, and I heard on the news last night that today, our area is expected to get 12-16" this the middle of April. It should, again be gone in a day or two, but's APRIL! For the record, this is the reason that conservative Christians in midwest do not believe in global warming.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We finally moved!

Well, the move is finally done, and we are living among boxes. Gretchen was sad to miss her sibling reunion in Phoenix last weekend, but the move had to be done. Slowly, we are setting things up and going through things box by box. David especially is entranced by the corn stove that heats our house in the basement. He likes to look through the little window, and see the corn drop in. As David said: "I like the corn to say AAAAHHHHH!" (as it is burning up) Weird little boy. I finished setting up the kids playroom in the basement, and Silje decided first thing to throw a tea party. She put on her fancy clothes, which consists of a tutu and tiara, and began to set the table. Apparently, she was preparing for more people than the table would allow!
David has been busy all day long, and his new favorite thing is to build "roads" with his wooden train tracks.