Monday, June 30, 2008

Life continues on...

Well, we still have family in town, but I can't locate my camera at the moment, so I don't have any pictures to post. I'll probably elaborate on our time with family when I have pictures to explain. We had a calm weekend before Hermine and Kathleen arrived, and Knut and I had a lot of time to just sit and catch up. We are still going over baby names, and once again, we agree on several girl names. However, once again, we can't agree on boy names yet. I've been looking online for cool Norwegian names (that's not to say the name will be far it's going to be "hey you" if it's a boy.) What we have agreed upon is Norwegian names we hate. After scouring the internet for baby name sites, here's our short list of Norwegian names we hate:


All of you can now breathe a sigh of relief that we will not name a boy any of those names.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jelly and VBS

Well, yesterday I spent about 4 hours making some jams and jellies. I got 12 jars of rhubarb jelly and 6 jars of strawberry rhubarb jam done. Needless to say, I think my energy is coming back as we're entering the second trimester!

This morning Knut was working on some projects around the house, including putting the finishing touches on the platform he built for me for our washer and dryer. (Last year we bought a front load washer. Let me tell those of you with a top load, it is great to prop it up so you're not bending all the time! They sell them for like $500, but Knut made me this little one with his own 2 hands!) The kids saw his tools, and David immediately grabbed his hammer to help. Silje wasn't about to be shown up by her little brother, and offered to help as well. I'm sure he couldn't have gotten it done without them!

Sorry, but for some reason these posted sideways, even though they are correct on the file.

Today we also got to see Silje's program at the end of her VBS week. She sure had fun up on stage! She was dancing, and swinging those hips and whipping her hair around...even when those weren't the actions! We had a good time seeing it. (Knut and his mom came to see it too.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More pictures...

Well, it's just been a few days and I already have some pictures to share with you. This last weekend Knut played a ton with the kids outside, and I got some great pictures. They're playing on the tire swing here, and they had a blast.

David played at least 7 hours of baseball over the course of the weekend. On Monday morning, Silje went to her first VBS ever. She was very excited, to say the least. I had to get a picture of her on her first day.

On Monday night, we went to our church league baseball games, which Knut played in. They lost both games, but the second game was so close that it was very exciting. Afterward, Knut suggested that we take the kids to Dairy Queen, where they had their first every Dairy Queen cones. Oh, and it was David's first day of wearing underwear instead of diapers the whole day with out one accident. We ran errands all morning and had events all evening, but he still remembered to go. It's finally more habit to wear the underwear than the diapers. We were very proud.

And today we went to VBS again, and David and I got more shopping done. When the kids went down for their nap, I picked some rhubarb outside and walked over to the wildflowers blooming in the woods behind our house right now. I picked some to bring inside. (A bug bit me for it) and I got these great pictures to share.

Monday, June 9, 2008

For those moms out there who think they're loosing their mind...

Well, my cousin Juliana sent me this link to an article about "momnesia." In my case, at least, this explains a lot! Since I can't even get the link to work, you might have to copy and paste it into your thingy at the top of your screen if you want to see it too.

Other than that, things have been continually busy around here. The kids got to spend a day with Knut's cousin, Krista, as Knut and I headed down Friday for his great-aunt's funeral. We are very glad we went, and it was fun to see a lot of family there. Friday morning before we left, though, our power went out. It came back on right before our babysitter got there, thank goodness. But there must have been a power surge or something because my brand new breadmaker that I got for my birthday is no longer working :( I know a lot of people don't use their breadmaker, but I used my 2-3 times a week at least. I'm not sure what I'll do without it yet. Our internet went down with the storm too, and just got revived this morning (monday). Since my Grandparent's surprise 60th wedding anniversary party is just next week, I have a lot of family email to sort through.
(My grandparents don't do the internet thing, so I feel pretty safe talking about it.) They are coming up for the annual convention, and than a reunion at one of Grandpa's old churches. So one of my aunts asked me to help plan a party for them while they are in town, as many of their old friends live up here. To make it extra busy, their party is the same week that Knut's birthday party and Silje's birthday party and 7 people are staying at my house from out of town. To be honest, I'm really excited to see so many people I love but hardly ever see all at the same time. I'm not stressing out that much because everyone who is staying with us are laid back people, and I know it will be a blast!
So needless to say, I hope I have a lot of pictures to post next week...or after.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

OK, help us decide...

Well, both Knut and I are undecided as to whether or not we should find out our baby's gender before birth. We DID find out with our two other kids, and we have no regrets about it. (So in other words, we have both baby boy and baby girl clothes on hand.) At first we thought it would be different to not find out, but we had so much fun the last two times, we don't know if we wait until birth either. If one of us were determined, I think the other one would follow along, but we are both equally on the fence. It would be cool to find out and cool not to find out. In other words, I suppose there is no wrong decision. I thought a poll of our friends and family might help us decide.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A lot of posts

Well, I have made several posts today. So even if you checked the site yesterday, you will find a lot on here. That's just to encourage you to keep reading and's all new stuff.

Just a few pictures

There's no big story behind these pictures. They were just on my camera for the last few days, and I thought I'd share them.

David smiling big...

David smiling nice

Well, there's a little story with this one. These are 2 baby foxes that we watched play in our back yard. Actually, there were 5 of them playing, but I only caught 2 together on camera. They seem to hang out around the old woodpile behind the house. It looked a lot like watching kittens wrestle. Sorry the picture was taken through a dirty window, but it's the best one I have.

This picture didn't turn out that great, but the moment was really fun!

Above, Silje is practicing how to tie a shoe with Daddy's boot when he got home from work.

Here Silje is demonstrating one of her made up ballet poses. She's dying to get into lessons. Hopefully someday she can.

David walking around in Daddy's boots.

Baseball Slugger

Here are 2 videos of David and Daddy playing baseball in the front entry with David's chewed up small bat and a plastic tomato. We do have other balls and bats, but this just seemed to be the choice of the day. Sorry David is in his Go Diego Go skippies again, but it's so much easier for him to get those off with potty training than pants. These videos just seem to capture the essence of David.


Performing Arts

Here are 2 videos of the kids singing. The first is of David singing, and then of Silje singing a song that she made up herself. They are quite cute, if I do say.


Poop Painting

Well, I sat down this morning at the computer because I realized I have a lot of great movies and video on my camera that should be on this blog. I was about to download it all, when I heard David yelling that he needed to be wiped. Now, most of you know that David has been learning how to use the potty chair. The struggle is for him to go #2 on the potty chair, because that scares him a little. Usually he tries to find a corner in the house or some small space to do his business. Daddy has been talking to him about the best small place in the house to go poop, which is the small downstairs bathroom. Since it's good enough for Daddy, David has started to think that might be okay to try to. He likes to be alone, though. He often comes to me and says "I need some privacy" and then goes to the bathroom and shuts the door. A few minutes later he needs some help being wiped. Well, I sat down at the computer this morning, when I heard David yell this, and I thought "O good! He went poop all by himself with out me even asking him if he needed to go!" My hopes were dashed when I got up to the bathroom and found David completely naked, and covered in poop. There was poop on his cheeks, neck, stomach, legs, butt (of course) and on the wall, on the seat of the toilet. (He was very thorough here as there wasn't any white left to the seat.) It's times like this where as a mother, you don't even know where to start cleaning this up. My first instinct was to grab my camera, but then I realized posting a picture like that was wrong on so many levels.
For those of you wanting to know how I did attack the poop, I grabbed some wipes from a nearby diaper bag, and took most of the chunks off of him. 409 and paper towels took care of the toilet and wall, and after it was all done, David took a bath for good measure. I did tell him I was proud that he went poopy in the bathroom. (There was actually some poop that made it into the toilet, so he did try.) and I said that next time Mommy can come and wipe sooner, and that in the future, he should never touch poop.