Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random stuff

Well, I had a few fun pictures that I haven't posted yet, and I had some more fun news to share. I found out that my sister-law, Rondi is going to have a boy! (She is due about a week after me, but her ultrasound was the day after me.) This will me my 3rd nephew, but still no nieces. I'm excited that my little nephew Kaeden is getting a little brother to play with, and wrestle with, etc.

Here's the kids on the way to the lake on Sunday afternoon...just chillin'

tends to this small And I know this will seem really random, but these are just some of the pictures of the beautiful lilies by Knut's great-grandparent's graves, about a half mile from our house. Knut's Bestefar tends to the cemetary, and he is quite the gardener. I visited their graves for the first time earlier this summer, and learned that along with the great-grandparent's graves, are the graves of 3 of their children. Only 2 of their 5 children made it through childhood, which is a thought that made me shudder. One is simply labeled "Baby Ronnevik" which is their baby who died during delivery, as the cord was around it's neck, and I'm sure there wasn't even a midwife in these parts back then. The other 2 children died when they were just a few years old. Knut said that children dying was probably pretty common back then...still, I don't think that made it any easier.
I'm sorry to all those parents out there who check my blog who just had to read about that. On a strange note, there are 2 graves in the corner of the cemetary that were set apart from the others because those 2 people had died of some infectious disease, and they did not want those bodies to infect the other bodies buried there. Let's think about that for a second...they're already dead...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a...

We don't know. Sorry to those who voted for us to find out, but today we had the ultrasound and we decided to keep this one a surprise...our first surprise since we knew with both Silje and David. I must admit that since we didn't go to find out the baby's sex, I started telling myself we were just going to make sure the baby was growing properly and was nice and healthy. Then I started worrying whether the baby was growing properly and healthy or not. (Something that I haven't done that much in previous pregnancies.) But my worries were in vain, because everything seemed very normal at the ultrasound. It's fun to see what each of our kids do inside the womb during the ultrasound. I remember that Silje yawned during her ultrasound. It had never occured to me before then that babies yawn inside the womb. I'm sorry David, but I can't remember what fantastic thing you did in there, but this baby was drinking amniotic fluid during the ultrasound. I knew babies did that, but it was just weird to watch it. He/she tilted the head back and was gulping away. It's legs were right over the head most of the time, which was also pretty cute.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pictures from with visiting family

Well, when my sister Kathleen and her mom, Hermine were in town a little while ago, I unfortunately couldn't find my camera, or batteries for the camera...I forget. Fortunately I borrowed these pictures from Kathleen's facebook page, and thought I would share them since they are so great! Thanks Kathleen for taking such great pictures. I hope that Hermine and Kathleen will make trips to visit us every summer.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sickness and fair...

Well, Knut, the kids and I were off to the county fair on Friday night. I purchased tickets in advance, and we were all very excited for a night out. And then David threw up in the car twice on the way in. So Silje and Knut ended up going to the fair, and David and I went home. He got a bath, and then we watched a little movie and he went to bed. I was hoping that was all, but around 9:30 he woke up with a fever. Knut and Silje brought me a funnel cake home, and after hearing about their time, Silje went to bed. Knut and I took turns, and sometimes had to both be up as David threw up every few hours last night. Around 4 or 5 this morning, Knut and David fell asleep together on a chair in our room. He's kept his fever this morning, and has continued the vomiting. Poor little guy keeps asking for food, and I have to keep saying no. I escaped to the computer for a few minutes, as he fell asleep again. He only wants to sit in my lap, and he has been attached to my fuzzy bath robe, as his fuzzy sleeping blanket is being washed for obvious reasons.
On a brighter note, Silje had the time of her life last night, as it sounds. I wish I had sent the camera with Knut, but we were so worried about David, that I didn't think about it. She got a star and pink pencil from the sheriff and got to go on a pony ride. I guess her favorite rides were a pink hot air balloon ride that went up and down (I don't think it was a real hot air balloon) and some sort of obstacle course with a slide and a turning tube she had to walk through. (I'm guessing something similar to the that in the ending scene of "Grease.") Knut got her a purple snow cone which dripped all down her legs, and since Grandma and Grandpa were there, she went on a ferris wheel ride with Grandma. Anyway, when she came home, she looked as if she had just seen a glimpse of Christmas or something. She just couldn't stop smiling. I wish I could have been there. My biggest hope now is that whatever David has does not go around our family. Sorry for no pictures this time!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Well, tomorrow will be Silje's last day of her 2 week swimming lesson class. We signed her up with one of her little friends, and it turned out to just the 2 of them, and a 7 year old who very clearly was ready to be in the next level. So we were excited that she would get so much personal attention. She screamed in the water the first 3 days, and by the third day, the teacher let her sit on the side until she wanted to go in. Well, I didn't pay for her to sit on the side... so I went over to have a talk with Sile. I admit I stooped to bribery, and I told Silje that if she stayed in the water, and listened to the teacher, she could have an ice cream cone when we got home. Well, she hopped right in the water, and did pretty good. Her teacher recently told me that she knows what she needs, but is still really clingy and needs to be talked into everything, so she is recommending that she takes level 1 again next year. I'm thrilled she learned as much as she did.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Catching Up!

Well, so much has been going on, that I'm not sure where to start. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of all of it. I was too busy at some events, and then at others, my camera's batteries died. Here's some of the highlights...some with pictures.

The first big event of this busy time was my grandparent's 60th anniversary party, which was a surprise for them. They happened to be in town on their way to a church anniversary where Grandpa had started a church 50 years ago. It was so fulfilling to see tears in their eyes as they saw so many of their friends who were actually at their wedding 60 years ago.

The highlight of the party was when during a thank-you speech, Grandpa was talking about how many decendants they had so far, and he started by saying, "We have 7 children" and then looking at my 80 something Grandma, continued "So far..." My cousin Juliana and I were laughing so hard that we cried.
Speaking of family in town, my cousin Juliana and her husband Ashish were in town from the east coast on the way to the church reunion in Williston. It met their little girl for the first time, and that was great. My Aunt Christine and her husband John and their 3 boys ages 6, 7, and 10 were staying with us along with my parents. After the party, they hung around before heading out to Williston. We had a campfire one night, which everyone enjoyed.

We mostly played just all the time. My kids loved having the boys around to play with all the time! Silje was a little overwhelmed having so many boys around, that Mom and Christine and I had a little tea party with her one afternoon. Silje was so excited, but the ladies and I weren't sure what was proper tea party conversation, and ended up talking about our worst potty training poop stories. (By the way, David's poop painting won hands down.)
My Aunt, Uncle, and cousins were on their way to ND (but my parents stayed for more partying) and my brother dropped in from California to help celebrate Silje's 4th birthday. We had a ballerina party and had 4 of her friends over, for her first friend party.

So tempting...

At one point, all 5 ballerinas were huddled around David's tool bench, which was quite a scene! One of the little girl's brother, Preston, also took quite a fancy to the tool bench.

We distracted David from all the attention on Silje during the party by having him help his Papa put together the new red wagon that Grammy and Papa brought.

Is this the right tool Papa?

And the wheel goes right here...

We're almost done!

Dancing in the yard after the party...

The day after her friend birthday party, we had a combined birthday party to celebrate both Silje and Knut's birthday with all the grandparents. With Knut's 2 sets of grandparents, and Silje's 2 sets of grandparents, and the uncles available (Lars and Jeremy) we had quite a crowd. I think Knut's birthday was a little overlooked with all of the parties going on, that I don't think I will combine their parties again, if I can help it.

Well, that was last party, and everyone left except my parents. We tried as best to relax, and My Aunt and the boys stopped on their way back through town. My parents, by the way, drove this time, and brought some furniture to help us fill up our new house. They didn't stay too much longer, as they had the long drive back home.

Our house was trying to catch up when my sister, Kathleen, and her mom, Hermine, came up from South Carolina to visit for the 4th of July. (The Ronneviks really know how to do the 4th! They didn't stay with us, but got a lake cabin nearby for their stay. I haven't seen Kathleen in years, so this was an extra special visit. I'm trying to talk her into coming to school around here next year, and I hope it will work out.

Well, today is Knut and my 6th anniversary, and for a present to each other, we are doing absolutely nothing! Silje is starting swimming lessons tomorrow, and that will be the only eventful thing in the future...we hope!