Monday, February 28, 2011

Annie Dress

When I think of a little baby Annie, I think of Anne Shirley, from Anne of Green Gables.  Anne as little baby “Annie” would have loved the excess of flair in the skirt, and little Annie would have had braids as soon as possible.  Just be sure that if there is a little shirt worn under this dress in the winter, it has puffed sleeves so that little Annie would approve. ;)

I tried to think of a designing a dress that would grow with the baby, so that special hand knit items just might get a few more weeks, if not months of wear.  The bodice on the dress is stretchy, and as it is knit from the top down, the length of the dress can be added to with more cables, garter stitch, or whatever else you like. 
This dress is knit in the round and a great starter project for those wanting to try out cables.  Using dk weight yarn, and a size US 5 circular needle, it's the perfect weight for all seasons.

Sizing is for an 18" doll (American Girl Doll), as well as preemie-24 months.

Permission is given to sell hand-knitted items from this pattern provided each knitter buys her own pattern, and that credit for the design is stated in the listing as follows: "This dress is designed by Nerdy Gerdy Designs and hand knit by 'your name here'.  This pattern may be found at" 

 Mass production and distribution of pattern is prohibited.  It is protected under copyright laws; all rights reserved.

Immediate download of PDF format of the pattern available here.



Mom said...

Good job, Gretch! You got it done! Beautiful!

Melissa said...

You're aMAZing! Good job!