Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's update

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the sweater yet. Here's her finished appliqued towel, though, that she'll use for a "nap mat." I finished it a few days ago, but haven't posted pictures of it yet. Silje picked out the towel and the fabric to applique it.

It's been still busy. I did get all of the seams of the sweater put together, so the only thing left to do is hide all the end strings. But my camera has a dead battery, so I couldn't post pictures even if that was done. Silje tried it on before she went to bed. She tends to be tall and skinny, so I used all the length instructions for her size, and all the width instructions for the size below hers. It got a bit confusing, but I'm glad I did. It fits her nice, except it seems a bit short in the waist. Maybe just the style today is long shirts, so it seems short on top of them. At any rate, I'm pleased with the end result.

We had our meeting with Mrs. B, Silje's teacher. I am so pleased with her, and so excited for Silje. She seemed to be right on top of making sure Silje would have challenging books available, and showed us her plan for keeping her interested, but not feeling isolated from the other kids. She sends home a weekly newsletter with all of the news from the last week in the class.

Silje will be there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all day. We also got a calender for snacks, and themes of each week. Early on they'll be going over colors, and Silje will get to wear certain colors that they'll be focusing on. She is SO excited about that, and promptly did some wardrobe planning for the month when we got home. She has also gone over some show and tell options for her first show and tell in 2 weeks. (The first Monday that she'll be at school. Next week is Labor Day, remember.) I guess show and tell is always on Monday.

She has her own locker, and her own cubby, since I think they sit at tables, not desks. All of her winter clothes need to be labeled, and I don't think I'll be appliqueing all of them! I think I'll find a sharpie for that job!

And here is a picture of one of my little men, who decided to bring me in some flowers. I guess he ran up to Daddy, and asked if he could bring me some of the purple flowers (the hosta blooms.) So Knut stopped his fireplace work for a few minutes, to help David pick some. Aren't my boys sweet!

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