Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's update

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the sweater yet. Here's her finished appliqued towel, though, that she'll use for a "nap mat." I finished it a few days ago, but haven't posted pictures of it yet. Silje picked out the towel and the fabric to applique it.

It's been still busy. I did get all of the seams of the sweater put together, so the only thing left to do is hide all the end strings. But my camera has a dead battery, so I couldn't post pictures even if that was done. Silje tried it on before she went to bed. She tends to be tall and skinny, so I used all the length instructions for her size, and all the width instructions for the size below hers. It got a bit confusing, but I'm glad I did. It fits her nice, except it seems a bit short in the waist. Maybe just the style today is long shirts, so it seems short on top of them. At any rate, I'm pleased with the end result.

We had our meeting with Mrs. B, Silje's teacher. I am so pleased with her, and so excited for Silje. She seemed to be right on top of making sure Silje would have challenging books available, and showed us her plan for keeping her interested, but not feeling isolated from the other kids. She sends home a weekly newsletter with all of the news from the last week in the class.

Silje will be there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all day. We also got a calender for snacks, and themes of each week. Early on they'll be going over colors, and Silje will get to wear certain colors that they'll be focusing on. She is SO excited about that, and promptly did some wardrobe planning for the month when we got home. She has also gone over some show and tell options for her first show and tell in 2 weeks. (The first Monday that she'll be at school. Next week is Labor Day, remember.) I guess show and tell is always on Monday.

She has her own locker, and her own cubby, since I think they sit at tables, not desks. All of her winter clothes need to be labeled, and I don't think I'll be appliqueing all of them! I think I'll find a sharpie for that job!

And here is a picture of one of my little men, who decided to bring me in some flowers. I guess he ran up to Daddy, and asked if he could bring me some of the purple flowers (the hosta blooms.) So Knut stopped his fireplace work for a few minutes, to help David pick some. Aren't my boys sweet!

Busy Day!

Today is Monday, and our schedule is full. It's not quite noon, but I've already made 4 loaves of banana bread, cleaned up the kitchen, and made 2 egg bakes to feed my freezer with. Silje's new sweater is all done being knit, and I just need to sew up the seams, and hide the strings, and I'll post a picture of it later today. Hopefully some modeling pics too!

This afternoon the boys are going over to Grandma Linda's as Knut and I are taking Silje to a meeting with her kindergarten teacher. School officially starts with her on Wednesday. I'm getting increasingly nervous about her starting school, and hopefully our appointment with her teacher will make us all feel better.

One thing I would like to talk with her teacher about is Silje's reading. Her writing is about kindergarten level, but her reading is off the charts. Have I blogged about this before? I know I've posted pictures of her reading. That's pretty much what I always catch her doing. Her bus ride will be very long, since rural kids are picked up first and dropped off last. So the other day, as we were preparing her backpack, I suggested that she pick out a book to read on the bus. It will be about 45 mins each way after all. Do you know what book she picked out? Charlotte's Web.

CHARLOTTE'S WEB! I mean, it's one of her favorite books, and she has read through it a few times. It brought me back to me in 2nd grade, when I wanted to read that book. I wanted to check it out at our school library, but it was in the 3rd-6th grade section, so I wasn't allowed. I asked the librarian for special permission, and she said I could check it out if I could read her a page. I was so nervous, that I read to her terribly, and she said that I could read it maybe in a year or so. So I saved up $5, and bought it at the book fair. So there, Mrs. Librarian.

But Silje, has already read through this book a few times, and will read it on the schoolbus on her way to her first day of KINDERGARTEN! Something clicked in my head when she picked that book out, that made me start to worry that she wouldn't be challenged enough, or she wouldn't learn as much as she could. But then I think she'll have fun, and if school is fun from the beginning, that's a good start, right? OOOooooo I'm a basketcase. If you could only see me now.

So there are some things I want to talk with her teacher about, and I'm so excited about who her teacher will be. Maybe I'll give you an update on our meeting when I post sweater pictures later.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Garage Sale Find

I was running errands in town this morning, and after stopping by to see the hearth Knut wanted me to look at, I stopped by a garage sale at a house right next to the store. It seemed to have quite a bit of furniture, and I've been on the lookout for another dresser for the boys' room. I didn't find a dresser, but I did find this:

Isn't she pretty? Her case will look so pretty in the living room, and she is one strong, heavy, hard working lady. When I was at the sale, there was another, older lady who was looking at it with me. She said she had the identical machine, but in white, that she bought new in the 50s. She was just so excited to see her machine's sister. She said that every time she takes it in for a tune up, the repair guy begs her never to get rid of it. They just don't make them like this anymore. She was giddy as she showed me how everything on this machine worked, and was astonished at how good of condition it was in. I love old sewing machines, so I was asking her all about it.

She decided to get it for her granddaughter. I was disappointed but then figured it wasn't meant to be. But then her husband told her she should call her granddaughter and find out if she wanted it. So while she called, I walked around pretending to be interested in other things there. The lady called her granddaughter who said she had no interest in sewing. The lady was determined, but her husband said, don't need another machine.

But my husband wasn't there, so I took it home...for $15.

It has the original manual, and I've already plugged her in to see how she drives. Not to bad for a test drive!

all the original parts, including feet, bobbins, and accessories that I don't even know the purpose of yet.

Like can you guess what kind of foot this is? I've never seen one so large and strange looking! I looked it up and it's a ruffler foot. (Also known as a gathering foot, I think.) I just about fell over, because I've been looking online to see if they made a ruffler foot for my Sassy Pfaffy, and her model doesn't have a ruffler. I guess this new, ahem, old girl does!

And for a look under the hood, she doesn't have a foot petal, but runs when you push your knee against this lever. I've never seen a machine like that. How odd!

Now for a name...

And for those who remember, I've cleaned up this machine that Knut brought home for free one day. I don't have any good pictures of her yet. She'll be retired, as I think her sewing days are over, but she's still so pretty. I'm deciding where she'll be on display, and when she has her final spot, I'll post a picture. As Gwen's suggestion, she'll be named Selma, after her first owner.

Knut was very impressed with my find, and said he couldn't believe I got something in so great of condition for only $15. He did add, that I shouldn't get anymore sewing machines. (I'm sure he meant no more sewing machines "for awhile.") One of these days I'd love to get an embroidery machine. I doubt I'll find a nice one of those for $15 at a garage sale, though! I'm hoping to start giving Silje some sewing lessons, and I think it might be nice to have an extra machine around!

Baby Wave

Have you ever noticed that babies seem to come in waves? I remember the first baby wave in our family. Silje and David were so close together, they were their own wave. But then, my sister, Heidi had Jackson, who is on the left (well he was smaller when he was born)

and Knut's sister, Rondi had Kaeden (he was smaller too!)

and they were just 6 weeks apart. We had nephews!

Then in the next wave, we had Elias in the same week that Rondi had Isaac, and Knut's cousin, Emily, had Oliver. Knut's grandparents had 3 great-grandsons within 7 days. You can see pictures of them together here.

Well, the baby wave has returned. Although it has not come crashing down on our house, it has crashed all around us. My good friend (and I suppose Knut's relative), Carolyn just announced her pregnancy! How exciting!

My sister, Heidi

is pregnant with her second. Yeah!

Knut's brother, Jon (this is him holding Elias. I don't have a good picture of Kristin in my blog...something I must quickly rectify.) and his wife, Kristin

have just announced that she is pregnant! Not with one, but with 2! At their doctor's appointment, the doctor at their clinic was having trouble identifying if there were 2 or 3 heartbeats. So they had to drive to the hospital for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed "just" 2 babies, but Jon said it was about the scariest 15 minute drive of his life.

All the couples are due this spring, and we couldn't be more excited. With 3 nephews, Knut and I are hoping for at least 1 niece in there. Silje is hoping even more than us, though, as she is still the only girl cousin on both sides. It's tough being the only princess, I suppose. Just don't be surprised or suspicious if you see me posting lots of fun baby sewing projects this winter! I love baby waves!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Testosterone in the House...

and it's so squishy!

and smiley!

and just plain sweet.

The fireplace progresses. We wonder if it would progress faster if there weren't some little people asking 20 questions every 30 seconds.

Knut wanted me to post a video of him kicking out the last of the wall. It was taken a few days ago.

But I want to show you Elias moving around a bit. I bet it won't be long until he's kicking holes in my house too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crazy Renovation Life!

Here's a picture of Knut working on removing part of a wall of our house.

And saving that gorgeous multi-layered molding that only old houses seem to have these days.

The molding doesn't seem to be the only thing that has many layers. There's the sheet rock, the air space and outside of the house, (the air space used to be the house's insulation 100 years ago) then some new insultaion, and the siding of the house. Apparently, our house is much smaller in the inside then on the outside.

It got me thinking of the people who put this house together, around 1900.

There's Knut...and the outside!

He got the inside cleared, and supported for the night, and just tarped it off.

On a side note, yesterday was crazy! You see, the kids were so excited with all this action that they wouldn't leave Knut alone. So I needed to entertain them, so I got nothing done. There are flies flying into my house with an opening in the wall, and who knows what else. It's driving me crazy. Our nephew Kaeden came over to check out the action too.

At nap time, Knut suggested I go over to his mom's house to put the kids down. So we went over there. Silje just had her quiet reading time. I laid down with David to help him fall asleep, but he never did. Elias slept in the laundry room, tucked away in the house...until Uncle Lars accidently woke him up. So with a crabby baby who would not tolerate being set down, and a VERY crabby David, we returned home. Just as I was attempting to get supper ready, David had a meltdown...big time. He was kicking and screaming. I was sore and tired after trying to contain him, and keep Elias happy. We ate, and I put the kids to bed early. I called my mom and whined to her for awhile. She told me to eat some oreos, and everything would be alright. I love my mom!

This morning, it was back to work for Knut and his dad. They're setting up a platform, and we might see the fireplace set in there by the end of the day.

I ran a bunch of errands this morning with the kids, and when I got home, look what I got in a package!

One of my online friends from Diaper Sewing Divas sent me a huge stack of cloth wipes, a wipes solution that dissolves in water, a devotional journal (about resting in God), and a lovely card. She made the wipes with flannel on one side and either sherpa, velour, or terry on the other side. I've never used cloth wipes, so it's going to be so much fun to try! I was so touched, and I can't tell you how it feels in all this chaos to know that someone was thinking about me. Thank you Libby!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last night we decided to celebrate. We brought out our wedding china, and the crystal goblets. We used table linens, and had flowers on the table.

We ate roasted beef and carrots with a little brown rice on the side. It was so "South Beach" friendly.

The kids got smaller glass goblets. They were thrilled!

And we had sparkling grape juice. The kids really liked that!

But what are we celebrating? We didn't really know. We just thought it would be fun to bring out the fancy stuff, and get another chance to practice manners, but in a really fun way. After all, when you don't have a dishwasher, it takes just as long to wash a china plate as it does a regular plate.

But then near the end of supper David decided he didn't want to eat anymore, (he doesn't like roast) and made himself throw up all over the table. (That boy has an amazing ability to throw up on command.) Then he said he was sick. But when we brought out the brownie sundaes for dessert, he claimed he was feeling better. So we offered him more food, and he claimed he was sick again. He had no fever, or even a pale look on his face. He was as energetic as always. I'm telling you, if he doesn't want to eat something, he'll just throw up. It's amazing. He was quite crushed that he couldn't have dessert though.

And then Knut almost finished painting the front porch. We decided that we were celebrating the porch being painted.

Now that's worth celebrating, isn't it?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Changes in Store!

Coming off of this crazy summer, life doesn't seem to slow even a little. Silje gets on the school bus a week from Wednesday, which will be a huge change for all of us. Knut and I were talking last night about how it seems to be ushering in a new era of our marriage. We had the "no kids" era, and then the "babies/toddler" era, and now we are entering the "school" era. It's the era that will bring extra-curricular activities (eventually), parent/teacher conferences, PTO meetings, packing lunches and doing homework.

Also, we have our new fireplace for our living room. It is hanging out in our barn until it is installed. The scent of lumber is in our garage, along with some not so scented insulation and nails. Marble and stone swatches are in the living room, and pencil marks are all over the wall. This time David didn't make them. Knut is so busy working on this new fireplace project, and I have to admit, the fireplace fever REALLY hit me when he brought it home.

The big problem is Knut and I have no particular picture in our heads. We're flying by the seat of our pants. We knew what kind of fireplace we wanted as far as efficiency and fuel, and we knew the "feeling" we want when we see it, but that's about it. Will it have a wood surround, brick or stone? We don't know. So there's this mad dash to make decisions, and I hope it turns out alright. We know we want to duct some heat into the den, be we're not sure how that duct work will be covered.

Knut will also be putting in a place to store wood (our fuel) that can be accessed from the living room, but loaded from the outside, so he won't have to drag chunks of wood through the house. This fireplace is our first "big" house project we have ever done (besides Knut helping his dad build a house last year) and let me tell you, it's a lot tougher to make decisions when it's your house, and your money.

We're hoping to get a window in the kitchen replaced before winter too. I'm debating taking down the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom, so that Knut can paint it for me this winter. I still haven't decided what color to do, so I might hold off. I did have a color for the boys' room picked out, and the wallpaper comes off so easily in that room that I often tear off a whole sheet after changing a diaper. But, David doesn't like the color that I picked out. It is his room, so I think he should have a little say. But I'm the mom, so I get say too. I wanted to paint it a red, and make some bed coverings out of Knut's old jeans. I told him red was the color of Lightning McQueen, but he's not buying it.

David wants it painted blue, but the blue on the walls plus the blue bed covers, plus the fact that we have painted 3 rooms blue since we've moved in make me hesitate. But, I haven't made any bed coverings yet, and maybe we just need to pick the right blue. We'll see. I was hoping for a nautical theme, but David wants baseballs. I think that baseballs might be do-able. I just want something that's not too "themey" and will grow with the boys. We're not doing their room every few years! I don't even know if we'll get to that room this winter. Knut's brain will explode if I even mention it right now. But the fireplace and window will, God willing, get done before winter. Prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of pictures in the coming weeks on these projects.

AND we've been eating sweetcorn, which means that harvest is just around the corner. So much to do! I would post pictures of the gorgeous pumpkins, squash, and tomatoes growing in my garden right now, but I couldn't photoshop all of the weeds out. Yes, I'm terribly behind on weeding. I'm afraid I'm getting a reputation for burning out on my gardens. I'll just claim that I'm prioritizing. I only have 2 hands and 24 hours a day. The apples are soon ready too! So pretty soon I'll be baking up and freezing my squash, canning pumpkin butter and spaghetti sauce, and I think I might try to can applesauce this year. Maybe I'll just freeze it.

If anyone wonders where we are when everything freezes around her, Knut and I will be hibernating this winter. There is too much to get done when the ground is thaw!

Not My Child!


Welcome to Not My Child! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what her children have not been doing.

My child does not wet the bed. If my child would wet the bed, and I was out of clean sheets, I most certainly not just let my child sleep on the plastic mattress cover...for a few nights. All of my children always make their bed, and their room always looks like it came out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

My children do not ask every 5 seconds during our church service if it is done yet. My children sit quietly, sitting up straight, with their legs crossed at the ankles, paying attention to the sermon and cross referencing in their Bibles. They most certainly have never been taken from the sanctuary screaming.

My children don't ask for food ALL DAY LONG! They eat during mealtimes or snack times, and don't harass me for food every waking minute, and refuse to eat during mealtimes even though I haven't given into them all day. My children always eat everything on their plate, and never complain about what is served. They are so excited to try new things.

My children do not start loud arguments with each other for fun. I have never heard them "cue" one another when one is not cooperating in the fight, just to move things along. (e.g. David will not say "Silje, you're supposed to say: 'No! You can't take my doll!'" and then Silje doesn't follow suit and scream that at the top of her lungs.) That would be very annoying.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's that time of year again

for mice. To my sister, this is fair warning. Don't read any further.

Apparently mice like to come indoors in autumn time. Apparently, it harkens in a new season as sure as turning leaves. I thought it wasn't autumn yet, so I wasn't prepared. Last year was not good. We heard there hadn't been mice seen in the house for about 4 years. We saw a few. Caught a few in traps. Poisoned a lot. You see, we live next to grain bins. Rodents love those places, so the farm sets poison out. The next bet for the mice to move to is our barn. Knut just refreshed the poison out there, which probably is why they are now in my house again.

Last year, I found the first mouse as I was cleaning up the toys in the basement. As I was picking up, I realized that my children do not have a stuffed grey mouse. It had died in the middle of the playroom. How sad. I didn't actually see a mouse after that, but one did eat through the wall, and through the cookbook leaning against that wall to get on top of my counter in the kitchen. Knut set out traps in the cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom, and put poison in the "old basement" which is unfinished and no people except him ever go in. That pretty much took care of it.

So tonight, as I am making cakes to bring to the fellowship hour after church tomorrow, I see a black one run across the kitchen floor. I immediately call Lena in the room. The dog would protect me, right? She just looked at me like "What do you expect me to do about it?" When I mentioned it to Knut, he said he had seen one the day before but had forgotten to mention it to me. Then, as I was frosting the cakes, I saw a little white one by the front entry way. Again, Lena didn't even notice and she was 5 feet away. Some guard dog! Usually I like that she's mellow. Other times I want her to chase mice out of my house in a fierce way.

So I very tightly secured the cakes to bring to church tomorrow. My best bet now is to keep my house as neat-freak-squeaky-clean as I can possibly make it with 3 children and a dog, and a husband with way too much on his plate already. Knut has refreshed the poison in the old basement, and will set peanut butter on the mousetraps in all the cupboards tomorrow.

In related news, Elias is now crawling and into everything.


I've been having too much inspiration from MckMama and my friend Annalise's blog on photoshop. So I took out this old picture, and had some fun. Is there anything more sweet than a sleepy baby on your shoulder?

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Internet Inspiration

This is a little project I started last night. You might be able to guess who it is for, and I'll give you a hint-- it's not for Knut.

But it got me thinking that I should share where I get all these patterns and inspiration. The internet is a bottomless well of information, but I find myself just going over the same sites over and over again. I don't venture out much, unless someone recommends a site to me. So here are my favorites:

That is a knit and crochet site. But not just any site. It's a community, and a wealth of information as far as how to, pattern reviews, yarn reviews, etc. I like to look at the new patterns that come out daily. When different publishers or pattern makers come out with a new pattern, they often post it on here first. I'd say you can see as many as 20 new patterns a day. Several (and I mean thousands if not tens of thousands) of the patterns are free. I haven't gotten into the community part of it that much yet, although I've been "friended" by a few people. You do need to register, and I don't know if it's like this anymore, but when I tried to register, I was put on a waiting list for a few weeks before I was granted access. It doesn't cost anything to register, and you don't get junk mail. But be warned...hours can be wasted drooling over things here.


This is a sewing site that is not only a fun place to shop, but I absolutely love their blog. They do different "events" and this month they are going over hand sewing. They have displayed different types of embroidery from chicken-scratch (I learned what that was!) to children's projects. You absolutely must stop by their blog in November when they have their handmade holiday event. You can find ideas for gorgeous handmade Christmas presents. They have a new "theme" each day like "gifts for teachers" or "gifts for guys" or "gifts for crafters." If you want to see more modern and vintage ideas for crafting, this site is on the cutting edge of what is "hip" with crafting these days.


This is by far my favorite quilt site. She's not "hip" like the sewmamasew site. She doesn't use matchy matchy or trendy fabrics. She's a huge scrap quilter. She has quite the following too, I imagine, and has written a few books. The most recent one is making quilts out of old work shirts. I like her (her name is Bonnie) for 2 reasons. First, she has so much how-to information on her site that you'll find everything you need from equations for buying the right amount of fabric for whatever size quilt you want to organizing your stash of little scrap pieces, to about 30 or so detailed instructions as to how to piece quilt tops.

The second reason I like this site is because she's not elite like many other sites that highly recommend $9 a yard 100% cotton fabric that is made for quilting, and you have to do things just a certain way. She encourages using what you have on hand, and brings me back to the feeling of quilts where you can mix old wool dress pants and a part polyester part cotton shirt into a quilt together. It's the idea that quilts are meant to be useful, beautiful, and cheap.

My last recommendation is for searching sites on the internet for projects you want. I've found so many free patterns by typing in what I want with the word "tutorial" into google. "Nursing cover tutorial" or "diaper tutorial" or "baby shoe tutorial." You'd be amazed by the number of people ready to share how they did things.

Lastly, I'll let you in on my list of crafting blogs that I happen on from time to time. They are not as big as the sites above, but some of their things inspire me to be more creative, more detailed, and make the little things count.

I know there are more, but I can't find them now. I usually refer back to the sewmamsew site to look them up.

Now it's your turn! Leave your favorite sites in the comments section for me and others who haunt this blog. It's fun to share!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


OK, lots to report, so settle in.

David had his preschool screening on Wednesday. It's required for public school kindergarten, even though he is not going to preschool. They like to do it when the child is 3, because if there is something wrong, requiring intervention, they have 2 years to work on it before they go off to school. He scored 95 out of 100, which is even higher than how Silje did 2 years ago. He knew 2 more answers, but didn't say because he was shy. Eyes are good, hearing is good. She said he's taller --in the 75th percentile.

The examiner said that he unusual, but good qualities for a boy. First, his attention span, and focus are very strong--almost autistic levels. Also very smart, which is another autistic trait. But before anyone is alarmed, she said he is most certainly NOT autistic because his communication skills are way above average for a boy. His speech/communication skills are more like that of a 5 year old. Autistic children are usually very low in that area. So, she said that with that combination of extreme focus, and good communication, he'll not only do well in school, but she wouldn't be surprised if he was consistently at the top of his class. She raved on and on. Everything that a mother likes to hear. So that's my news update on David--he's a genius...(says his mother).

One thing I found was odd, was when she asked me which preschool David was going to. We've decided not to send our kids to preschool for a variety of reasons, and Silje is more than prepared for kindergarten, as anyone who meets her would know. So she asked if I was going to homeschool preschool. That was the second time I've heard that term..."homeschool preschool." I said "well, if you define homeschool preschool as letting your kid just play all day, then yeah, that's what we do." So she checked there. I don't understand why there is so much pressure to get your child educated as soon as they are born. I don't believe it is giving our children the edge that we think they are getting.

Don't get me wrong, I like "old school" schooling, and like kids memorizing their times table in school, and none of this "discover everything on his/her own" philosophy. Learning things by rote is a foundation for abstract thinking. But there's a time for everything. You see, I read an article once about some little country in Europe that had extremely high test scores on a worldwide scale. The children didn't start school until they were 7, and very little homework was given. The article said that the most significant influence on those test scores was a higher than normal emphasis on family life. It wasn't flash cards, it wasn't drills, it wasn't they read the most books. It was they spent time with their family. Just something to think about.

(I have no trouble for those who homeschool. In fact, I have a great respect for those who do. We just are so in love with the public schools in our area that we're going to go ahead with that now.)


This morning was Elias' 9 month well child and Silje's 5 year old well child. (We didn't do a 4 year old well child. She needed some booster shots before school started though.) I'll start with Silje. She was scared to death of getting shots, and she screamed the whole time she got them. And then they took some of her blood. It was pretty tramatic. She checked out 41 lbs, the same weight as David, although she had 2 inches on him, heightwise. The Dr. there also asked if she had been to preschool. When I said no, he said "O, did you homeschool?" I said yes.

Onto Elias. He is now 21 lbs, 4 oz. I forget how tall. He was in the 75th percentile for weight and 25th for height...again. Way to go in following the curve. He's meeting or exceeding all of the necessary milestones, has a total of 4 teeth, and has 2 more that the Dr. was pretty sure would show themselves in just a few days. I wish I could go on more, but there really isn't more to say.

Plus I have to go. I homeschool daycare too.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I like...

- that when I pat Elias' back to burp him now, he pats my back too.

- that Knut has taught David what "complementary" colors are, and now when we give him a random plate and cup, he asks if his colors are complementing. It's really cute because it's a big word and he can't say his "l" sound.

- that Silje has kept her room clean for a few days now without a fight.

- evenings at home, just watching a movie while all the kids are in bed.

- bedtime in general.

- oreos. a lot.

- that Knut's weight loss kick has helped our whole family to eat better...except for me and my oreos. Nothing will ever get between us.

- the feel of fabric waiting to be sewn.

- hearing a new book opening for the first time.

- David's excitement about EVERYTHING.

- the way that Silje can't hold a conversation without twirling.

- the deep conversations Elias and I have in baby talk

- Elias' cheeks. They are SO hard not to kiss nonstop.

- that Knut normally gets up with the kids and gives them breakfast before I wake up. I think very soon that will end as I'll have to wake Silje up for the schoolbus.

- that Silje's prayer life has become so important to her. She asked Knut this morning if she could start praying by herself in her room every day. She likes to talk to God about everything.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School Shopping

It's been a whole week since my last entry, and I don't think I'll do a "Not Me Monday" today. Life has been fully in "catch up" mode. I feel as though I finally have the house in order enough for my weekly chore list to actually help. It got to the point where cleaning the bedrooms was not a one day job! Plus, early last week I had a streak of migraines for a few days that made me useless. Yes, I occasionally get migraines, but I think the "stress" of all of our activity from this summer finally started effecting me. I feel better now.

This last weekend, Knut was home and was able to do several odd jobs that have been on his list, and I must say it motivated me to get so much done too. He put up my bulliton board in my sewing room, and moved my secretary desk to where I wanted it in the living room, etc. etc. And he ordered our new woodburning fireplace! You can be sure you'll be seeing some pictures of that project that Knut hopes to get done before winter. (I trust my husband, but why do I envision that part of our house tarped off if it doesn't get done before the snow flies!)

I was then motivated to rearrange Silje's room, since she now has a cute headboard that I picked up off of Craigslist for $15. She was so tickled by how I rearranged her room that she's been playing in there almost all the time. If I had known it would have meant so much to her, I would have done it awhile ago! I made a special "reading nook" in the corner, which only a bookworm like her (and me) could appreciate. I'll have to post some pictures later, when the room is actually clean.

Yesterday, after church, Silje and I finally went back to school shopping. I don't know if you could call it "back to school" if she hasn't been there in the first place. So we got everything on the school shopping list plus a new lunchbox. I must admit that I was so emotional about the whole thing that I gave into Silje much more than I normally do. I let her pick out the $8 Disney Princess lunchbox instead of the $4 plain pink one. That is DEFINITELY not normal for me. Then I let her pick out a candy bar at the check out. She looked at me like "who are you and where is my mom?" No. Not really. She was just giddy.

Then we went to 3 different stores to look for her first school outfit. Most of her clothes I either make, or buy on the 75% off clearance rack the season before. I could count the number of clothing purchases that did not fit those 2 categories on one hand...for all 3 of my kids put together. (Am I cheap or what?) But Silje got to try on clothes in the fitting rooms, which was a first for her. I think she really learned a lot from it. Some things she begged me for while we were looking at the rack, but when she tried it on, she didn't like how the neck fit, or it sat too low on her waist.

I really learned that Silje and I have a very different view of what looks "cool." The first signs of a big generation gap. She really wanted a knit dress with lime green, neon orange and bright pink hearts on it. It was hideous. I more pictured a little pink and black plaid skirt and a fitted shirt. She rolled her eyes at the ugliness of that. In the end, I think we found an outfit that we were both excited about. I even bought her a new pair of jeans that she really needs...full price. Wow, I must be emotional over this! I really liked the shirt we picked out too, because it was very cute, modest (I hate to admit, but you wouldn't believe the immodest clothing there is for a 5 year old out there!) and it's something I have no desire to make. So many times I see something cute on the rack and say to myself "I could make that!" which makes it even more painful to lay money down for. But the shirt she'll wear would be way too much work to make, and too many pieces, and I have no desire to replicate it, which is fun for me.

I did find a plain pink t-shirt on the clearance rack at Herbergers for only $2 and picked it up so I can sew on a cute applique in the front as a surprise for her. We've been drooling over my new applique book together, and there were so many things in there she loved. First, I need to get her name on the towel that she needs to bring to kindergarten. When thinking how I would put her name on it, my mom suggested a Sharpie like what most normal people would do, but you know me...that would never do. Silje looked through my fabric stash and picked some fabric for me to applique her name onto the towel with. I think I've heard they use these times for naps during the school day.

So the rest of the week for me includes keeping up with the housework and garden (if I could just do 1 week!) and then David has his preschool screening exam, and Silje needs a booster shot, and Elias needs his 9 month exam (no shots for this one!).

Sorry no pictures in this post! The back to school outfit should really be shown on her first day of school, and the rest...well, I'm just catching up...still.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I do not still have suitcases out and filled with clothes from our trip to Montana and the trip to the lake that soon followed. All of the laundry is from the trip is of course, done, folded, and put away and some of that laundry most certainly was not just washed, dried, and then hidden in my bedroom when we had guest over yesterday.

When David has now repeatedly had accidents at night, and I have not gotten around to washing all the twin sheets from the trip, I did not just put an old blanket on top of his plasticy mattress cover and not bother with sheets at all...for a few nights.

I did not make an entire pan of brownies while the kids were sleeping, hide it, and eat it all for myself over the course of a few days and not share it with anyone. (Knut isn't supposed to have them on his diet anyway.) I would not lie to my children and say "you smell brownies? That's strange..." (haha! side note: I just realized I'm turning into my Grandma, who once hid the lefse that Aunt JoAnn sent us for Christmas because 'no one enjoys it like I do.')

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm done. That's it. No more.

We just came back from a relaxing time at the lake. I love the lake. I do. But you have to admit, we've crammed in an awful lot of "relaxing with family members" this summer. I was happy to spend some time with Knut's family. We played Caton, and Rondi and I got to chat way more than we ever get to. Knut got to go fishing at midnight, and I guess it was just gorgeous out there. The weather was cool while we were there. Too cool for this kids to swim, but not too cool to be outside.

I just wish we could have had at least a week at home, by ourselves, before venturing on some more "relaxing."

Last night before I went to bed, I walked around the house, and there wasn't any room to just sit in. Our house is a mess where ever you turn. I'm so behind on just about everything. I can't tell you how I attacked that mess when I got up this morning. I didn't have breakfest for a full 2 hours because the cleaning just felt so good! I have no to do list today, which is so unlike me. I'm just picking things up and putting them away over and over again. I am proud to say, I have already found my kitchen and the back hallway.

I have also located and got rid of that strange smell in the kitchen when we got home. Speaking of smells, just when I got rid of the strange kitchen smell, I smelled poop. With my finely tuned "mom nose" I decided it was dog poop, but the problem was, I couldn't find it for over an hour. I kept cleaning as I looked, but it was starting to drive me crazy. The kids finally found it, and I got rid of it, thank goodness! Our house is back to smelling good. We'll open some windows, and bring in some roses from the garden, just to be on the safe side.

Knut and I couldn't express enough how excited we are to be home, and back to normal life...after I finish unpacking. But, this month absolutley will not slow down. We just get to be busy at home now. In my mind, first and foremost, this is our last month before Silje heads off to school. (sniff, sniff) I want to do some fun things with her, and we'll do some shopping together as well. Speaking of school, David really needs to get his preschool screening done too. He probably won't go to preschool, but it's good to find out if there's anything we should focus our work on before kindergarten starts for him in 2 years.

And on Knut's side of things, he might be more busy than me. Even though this is a slow month on the farm, because we don't have wheat anymore and it's normally the wheat harvest month, he's been gone so much that he at least needs to go to work and do those odd little jobs so the other guys can take a break.

Plus, he's hoping to install a new wood burning fireplace in our living room before harvest. Whoa what? That seems to be a big project, but he's been doing his research. After seeing him build a house with his dad, I hardly doubt his capabilities. I'm looking forward to not being cooked out of our basement this winter, and enjoying our normally freezing living room as well. We've been talking about it since before we moved here. I guess I didn't realize it was going to happen this year! Yeah!

And for those crafters out there, I know you see all the holiday fabric coming to the stores. It's this time of year when those who do handmade holidays begin making their gifts. I am no exception, and I'm dying to go and start my list of handmade things this year. I don't know when I'll do it, but the desire to start is present in my brain at the same time as all the other things that need to get done.