Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Blessed

Today has a wood theme, and how much God has blessed us with trees, and woods, and all the ways it brings beauty.

Advent has begun.  Yesterday we talked to the kids about how Advent means "coming" and how last year at this time, we were waiting for baby Ingrid to come.  We knew it would be any day, but we didn't know which day.  It wasn't until I was explaining that to them, that another humble meaning of Advent really sunk in.  Waiting for Jesus is much like waiting to go into labor.

We are in a state of anticipation.

 This is our Jesse Tree.  Once our ornaments start going up, I'll show what it looks like as it gets prettier.  It's just some branches pruned off our apple tree that I saved in the garage for a project I never go to.  Next weekend we'll probably get to cutting down a Christmas tree.  Other than that, most of the house is decorated now.  I just couldn't wait any longer.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  The 4 older kids got sick.  It was sad to not go to the big family gatherings, but I have to admit we were feeling better, though still contagious when Thanksgiving dinner was to be served.  We had a quiet day at home, and Knut's mom sent over leftovers that were delicious.  I was so blessed to get that sweet quiet time of preparation, and I so blessed that we were given such delicious food as we recovered.

Knut is still cutting wood.  David and Silje love to help him stack it.  I think he's in the last stretch.  We have enough for a normal winter, though Knut usually likes to plan for a winter and a half because you never know when spring shows up.  I know I just watch him through the window in the den, and I get such a huge satisfaction of seeing our wood pile.  I can only imagine how satisfying it must be for Knut.

Our wood stove is more work, but it's work we love.  It makes our home so warm and cozy all winter long, and we are so blessed to have it.

I guess I show pictures of our woodpile every year.  I know many of the things I am thankful for tend to repeat, but that's just the way it is.  Is thanks something you say once, or is it played out in a life of being in awe?  I think it's the latter.  Thankfulness isn't something that you finish.  I look at our woodpile once again, and I'm in awe.  We are just so blessed.


Cleo said...

We have a wood stove as well and it is true, stacking and splitting wood is very satisfying and it is definitely worth it.

Mom said...

Looking forward to sitting by your fire in a couple of weeks. I'm glad there is a reserve of wood!