Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm Blessed

Well, we're in the thick of the season.  It's my favorite season by far.  We're thick into our advent readings, lighting candles, decorating the tree, sitting by fires, and frantically working on handmade gifts.  In the middle of that, I think I have a new knitting pattern that's ready to be released.  I need to finish up my pattern editing, and then send it to my tech editor, and perhaps redo some of the photo shoot because we really lost our light after about 5 pictures.

It has been busy.  Our van just broke.  I don't know what is wrong, but if you ask me what it sounds like when it's on, it's "expensive."  Oil is all over our garage floor, metal is grinding against metal.  Sigh.  The funny thing is, I don't mind much.  I would rather just stay home anyway.  Knut is towing it to the mechanic's as I type this, and who knows when he will get to it, or fix it in this frigid weather.

I'm blessed to have Knut.  I'm blessed we have a good mechanic.  I'm blessed we have a van to be worked on at all.

I got to have a dear friend over for a heart to heart visit this last week, and my heart is still brimming over from it.  This coming week, both Solveig and Ingrid will celebrate a birthday, and we are also hosting a small Christmas party for our study group at church.  So school has ceased for awhile as we clean the house, declutter stacks of papers here and there, bake cookies, and work on Christmas gifts.  That is our life right now.  I feel so blessed with homeschooling more than ever this year.  We can just do Christmas...slowly soak it in.

That doesn't mean there's no yelling, or frustration, or eye rolling or fighting going on over here.  We have been unable to remove our sinful nature this season in our house.  Sometimes I wonder why on earth we are able to keep going, and I wonder what's the point when I'm yelling: "Quit yelling at your sister RIGHT now, and listen to this BIBLE STORY!!!" and there are tears and and someone interrupts to ask for a glass of milk, and it's just a paragraph more.

No, we are not having a perfect season.  We are having a season that has been thick with grace.  I'm gradually learning to desire to give it as thickly as God has given it to me.  At least, that is my hope.  I want this season slathered in grace in our house.  Grace is free, but it is certainly not easy.  'Tis the season of perfectionism, and I'm fighting against that and clinging to grace.  Our internet was working enough for me to watch this last night, and I wept.  Oh, to live in that peace.  I highly recommend.

How have you been blessed this last week?  Also, I'm looking for some service projects to do with my kids during this season (once our van is fixed).  What sorts of things do you do with your kids?  I'd love some ideas and discussion on things that kids can do this season.


elizabeth said...

Yes, it is good to relax a bit on our desire for perfection... always enjoy reading about your life here.

Anonymous said...

We are in Southern Illinois and on Thursday it dumped 12'' of snow and then an inch of ice on us in just a few hours. That's a lot for us who often got an entire winter's length and never see any snow!
But it also left me at home (with a sick kid) with my kids for 4 long days where we couldn't get out of the house for any of our entertainment choices that we normally would have done in an attempt to keep my sanity (local library visits are great, church, etc!).
Christmas tree took too long to get put up because of all the extra little hands, the TV was on too much playing holiday movies in attempt to keep them away from the breakable ornaments, frustration seeped out of me as my almost 5 year old started getting a bad attitude from sitting in the house so many days...but in the midst of all of it I thought about you and other mothers that I know who stay at home every single day with their kids. I envy you! I like to be home with my kids but it's trying. Several times I found myself down because of all the arguing, yelling, etc...but remembered nothing is perfect. My husband complimented me many times during our snow day recess on how much patience I had towards the girls.
Multiple times over the weekend I found myself thinking about some of your own posts in regards to staying home and it's frustrations of what is real in others eyes for SAHMs and what REALLY happens when we stay at home with our kids :)
It's not all fun and games...but in the end good things come from it anyway!

Sarah said...

Once again I turn over to your blog and laugh at the parallels in our lives. My vehicle is also broken and will be heading to the shop later this week when our good mechanic has time to look at it. In the meantime, we will borrow my husband's car if desperate and I am kind of feeling thankful for the excuse to HAVE to stay home and hunker down.
I have been thinking of that video all morning and hoping our internet is good enough this afternoon when my kiddos are resting so that I can really absorb it when I click the play button.
Our family lives and works in a very broken Native American community, and we have a lot going on at Christmas and service projects. I would recommend finding a local ministry that works with the poorest of the poor and asking directly what you can do to help with your family. We are always really blessed when people do that and actually listen to the answer rather than making their own plans. If you can't find anyone around you, the link to our Christmas ministry opportunities page is ;-)
I hope your van gets fixed quickly and cheaply!

Rebekah Evelyn said...

I love the look of those mitts!!

Martha said...

Your kids can help with shoveling an elderly person's driveway. Have you seen the "kindness elves"? ♥
Although we don't have little toy elves, we are using some of their ideas, as activities to do to help others.