About Us

This is us and our crazy bunch.  I'm Gretchen, the mom.  Knut is my husband and then there's our 5 kids.  We live on the farm where my husband works, and live in his childhood home.  As of now, we have 9 chickens, 2 dogs, and 8 cats.  Although some of those numbers change pretty often.  I like to write, knit, sew, cook, garden, and other farm-wifey things.  I actually grew up in the city so all these "regular things" on the farm like making jams are not so normal to me, but I'm getting there.

Most of all, we strive not to meet some stereotype of what a farm family does, but to live according to the life God has called us.  We walk by faith.  We work hard, but we depend on grace.  In our house, we sometimes need grace by the truckload.

Silje has creativity and imagination flowing from every part of her. She's an amazing reader, and reads about anything she can get her hands on. She likes order, friends, and planning elaborate, yet organized parties. She would be the cruise director on our crazy ship.  At age 9, she's so thirsty for knowledge and  loves to study biology for 3 hours "after school."  She also loves to sing, dance and draw.

David is active and passionate 8 year old. He plays outside every chance he gets and loves to cross country ski, ride bike, play baseball, and do really any other outdoor activity. If  David does something, he does it at 150%. He knows no other way. He's the type of personality you always want with you, not against you.   He's always full of questions, and is really into rockets and paper airplanes. He's compassionate and competitive. He's snuggly, and fast.

Elias, the 5 year old "middle child" as much as we hate that stereotype.  He's always wandering around making sure everyone is happy.  He especially protective of Solveig and takes his job as big brother very, very seriously.  He is a bit of a clown as well.  Although he's not yet "doing school" he's determined to be a part of our school day and is learning at breaking speeds.

Solveig is our joyful 3 year old.  She's a fearless climber, and has trips to the ER to show for it. She's everyone's sweetheart and is always full of smiles and big kisses.  She's sort of like the smile-police of the house and goes around insuring everyone is smiling.  We loosely translate the meaning of her name in Norwegian: "Sunshine of the House" which actually fits her perfectly.

Ingrid is our little baby born December 2012.  So far, she's easy going and easy to please!  She is always wanting to be with "her people" (aka older siblings).  She loves crawling all over our dogs, and being admired by everyone she meets.

 Lena is our pooch.  She's a black lab, German shepherd mix.  She fearlessly protects our yard from squirrels, and loves it when the kids play with her.  She's a terrible chicken guarding dog.  She is afraid of pretty much anything.  She may lick you to death if given the chance, and she'll play fetch for hours given the opportunity.

Missy is our new Great Pyrenees dog.  She looks like a small polar bear, and has a good 30 lbs over Lena.  She's sweet and gentle with us humans.   Like a big, fluffy teddy bear who loves a good snuggle, and doesn't mind little boys giving her a haircut in the least.  She's a fantastic livestock guardian, and is obsessed with protecting our chickens.  She lives outside, constantly searching the horizon for any threat to her people/animals.

All of these beautiful family pictures on this "About Us" page (besides the ones of our dogs) were taken by my talented sister-in-law, Kristin.  You can find more of her work here.